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9 feet wide x 9 feet tall motorized vertical sheer curtains

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Product Details

Vertical Curtains


  • Motorized option
  • When open, we offer soft and filtered sunlight.
  • When the blinds are closed, you can have complete darkness and privacy.
  • vertical curtains come in all different types of materials, offering different styles for all of your home needs.
  • curtains are safe for everyone in the family, especially families that have children.

There are many times in our day that we just need a break from the world around us. With these blinds, the opportunity is always available. If you are hoping for the versatility of allowing light to come in and the availability of having privacy, these shades are a perfect option. With the nice outdoor view that you have, you can keep your blinds open so that you can see out but others cannot peek in. With the sheer style, you can get protection from those on the outside while keeping your blinds open. Blinds come in different options as well, offering material that filters the light or material that can double as a room-darkening material. All of your desires can be met with these different options from light filtering to privacy control.

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